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vimrc Vim Configuration File 45K
Resume PDF Document 45K
rsvp Profiler GitHub Link -

Older & Unmaintained Downloads

Spherical Harmonics Math Demo Win32 Executable 66K
Slides 'Realtime Shadow Techniques' PowerPoint 2000 Presentation 1276K
Cellular Texturing Demo Win32 Executable 38K
Texture Packing Win32 Executable 37K
Stable Fluids Win32 Executable 52K
Sample Warping Win32 Executable 38K
Low Discrepancy Sampling Win32 Executable 41K
Head Mesh With Baked Ambient Occl. Mesh (Custom ASCII Format) 773K
Cornell Box Mesh With Baked Radiosity Mesh (Custom ASCII Format) 25K
Game Of Life .NET 2.0 Application 9K

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