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Machine Learning

Image Recognition

Some of my code is available on my GitHub Account

Newsfeed Alert

I wrote a small C++ program that polls an XML newsfeed and detects any update. The new post will be announced with a balloon window coming from the program's tray icon. Clicking on the balloon opens a browser with the news post. The HTTP query and the XML download was done with MSXML4, all the UI and misc. code was handled by Shiny.

Look, some Far Cry related news !


Visual SourceSafe (VSS) is a completely client-side version control system. All database access is performed by the client program, the server is just a passive file share. I thought it was an interesting idea to make a fully server-side version of it. Also the thin client version would have the usual benefits. Remotely accessing VSS or browsing the database on devices like PDAs would be possible. My implementation just requires HTML + CSS1 on the client. The server is IIS5 with ASP, all code written in JScript. The VSS COM API is used to access the database.

Browsing two VSS databases on Internet Explorer 6. The database browser is in a very early state. It doesn't i.e. show the checkout status or allows files to be viewed / deleted / added. The branches should also be collapsible so not the entire database needs to be sent every time the page is refreshed.

The login screen running on Firebird. Once logged in, the authentication is performed over the ASP Session object.

Network Programming

I did quite a bit of network programming (socket level). Mostly basic things while I was learning more about it. I'll try to collect the more interesting ones here...

A little telnet server / UNIX style shell environment. Has many nice features such as registry access and a build-in FTP server.


I always had various websites over the years, here are some of the more recent.

Blitzcode.NET is online since October 2002. The site is mainly semi-standard HTML4 + CSS3 with server-side includes (SSI) to reuse the layout. The picture shows the front page of the site as it was in early 2006.
glVelocity was a site of mine hosted on GameDev.NET. The focus was mainly on things related to OpenGL / Direct3D and games development. It was online between 2000 and 2002.
Demo Zone was online between 1999 and 2000. This was my last website which was still written in German. Initially it was a development diary for an RPG I was writing in VB6, but the focus shifted as I started to learn C++ and OpenGL.

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