Information on projects I worked on during my professional life. Lots of information is unfortunately missing. It can often be hard to get pictures that can be displayed on a public website (confidential material, customer has the copyright, lack of access to internal tools & data).

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Machine Learning

Image Recognition

Some of my code is available on my GitHub Account


My work at NVIDIA. Please see my resume for details.


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My work at NaturalMotion. Please see my resume for details.


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mental images

My work at mental images. Please see my resume for details.


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I worked on Crytek's commercial game title Far Cry for nearly 2 1/2 years. I spent most of the time working on 3D graphics R&D, tools, gamecode and contributed a little bit to the XBox version (unreleased). The game was released in March 2004, visit Crytek or Ubisoft for more information.

Reviews: GameSpot, Eurogamer, Gaming Illustrated, More...

The MFC based game editor which I was developing for some time.
A screenshot of the editor with the setup dialog of the lightmap compiler I worked on.
Some pictures from the actual game.
I wrote a debugger for the Lua based scripting system, but unfortunately don't have any pictures of it. I actually don't know if it made it into the shipping game. If you have a picture of it, sent it please.


In early 2004 I did some freelance work for KPB (Knowledge PowerBase Technology). I worked on an illumination system featuring a combination of lightmapping with support for area light sources / depth correct soft shadows and a photon map based global illumination system. KPB did various improvements to it, such as more light source types and improved lightmap sub-sampling for more seamless unwrapping of smooth surfaces.

A few scenes lit by area lights using my lightmap system. (images taken from a low-bitrate video)
Some pictures of global illumination test scenes using my photon map code.
Some indoor images lit with my photon map code. The lightmap resolution and photon count settings for these scenes are very low, so most lighting detail is blurred out.

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