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Tim C. Schröder

Experienced Software Engineer
Systems Programming · HPC · Functional & OOP · Computer Graphics

Solving challenging parallel programming problems, large datasets, realtime constraints, researching and implementing algorithms on everything from a game console to a supercomputer. Writing maintainable and efficient code for shipping software products. Diverse computer graphics background, including games and physically based rendering. Genuinely enjoy learning new things and teaching others.

10+ Years · My Story So Far

AAA PC & Console Games
mental images
Rendering Technology for Film, CAD & Scientific Visualization
Motion Synthesis Middleware
Parallel Processors for Entertainment, Science & Mobile
Investment Banking


I had the opportunity to work at several great companies during my career. I enjoy learning new things and working with talented people.


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The companies and projects listed on this site gave me the chance to become familiar with a wide variety of different tools, technologies, languages, platforms and algorithms. Here's a slice of what I've come across.

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Some of my code is available on my GitHub Account

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