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// Shiny example, opens a frame window with a menu and parses an XML file into a tree control

#include "Shiny.h"
#include "resource.h"

class CMyApp : public _ShApp, public _ShWindow
    int Main()
        _ShMenu mnuMain(IDM_MENU);
        Create(WS_SYSMENU, NULL, NULL, "XML Tree", NULL, mnuMain);

        Reshape(300, 450);


        _ShXMLFile cXML;
        _ShXMLFile::XMLNode *pNode = cXML.Parse("Test.xml");
        Recurse(pNode, NULL);


        return _ShMainLoop();

        _SH_MSG_HANDLER(WM_CLOSE, OnClose)
            _SH_CMD_HANDLER(ID_FILE_EXIT, OnClose)

    _ShTreeView m_wndTree;

    void Recurse(_ShXMLFile::XMLNode *pNode, HTREEITEM hParent)
        HTREEITEM hNewParent = hParent;

        if (pNode->bWord)
            hNewParent = m_wndTree.AddItemToTree(pNode->pszWord, NULL, hParent);
            Recurse(pNode->pList, hParent);

        if (pNode->pNext)
            Recurse(pNode->pNext, hNewParent);

        return 0;